10 things that only travel enthusiasts understand

10 things that only travel enthusiasts understand

By travel lovers I mean people with a lust for love of travel and roaming, those who were born for travel and enjoy it, and not only dreamers of travel, there are some things that distinguish them from others, and distinguish them a lot from people who only mention their love for travel but have not traveled yet, these are some of the things that It will make you aware of the difference, and appreciative if you are only a “dreamer of travels” or you are “in love with it and you were born for it.”

1. Have you always been obsessed with maps and geography?
If you have discovered your love for maps since childhood, then without a doubt you have these genes that make you love to travel, do you love reading survey and travel magazines and love following National Geographic? If you are, then you have the first qualities of a travel lover.

2. You are an exemplary archetype of a curious human being
. We are not talking about curious people in the vicinity of their neighbors and friends, but about those who always have a desire to learn about places, peoples, cultures, customs and foods. It is an obsession..there is no cure for these people except to get there and discover it all for themselves.

Love to travel since childhood

3. You are not easily afraid of things and places.
The difference between a tourist and a traveler is that the former wants to always be in safe places and try things that do not reach the level of adventurers, unlike the traveler who wants to reach everywhere and try all things and get to know all the subtle things. 

4. You do not have any fears of diseases It
is true that as a person who is passionate about travelling, you are not stopped by fears of travel diseases, but there are some reasonable precautions that should be followed to maintain your health during your trips.

Neil Page (Steve Martin) in Planes, Trains and Automobiles, his return flight is canceled due to bad weather, so he decides to use other transportation, and his bad luck meets a talkative salesman who turns his life into hell.

5. You have no problems or justifications about the travel budget.
This is one of the differences between travel enthusiasts and dreamers. Real travelers go beyond all limits and the first is to justify the “financial problem.” Some will ask you why you spend money on travel when you can buy elegant suits or a car or whatever What they desire, they do not know that your desire is the love of travel.

6. Your spirits rise and you get the highest level of excitement since you book any flight
you may be one of the people who book a flight with a full package of plane ticket, hotel reservation and tours with a tour guide, then your journey will start on the day of take off .. Real travelers do all of the above themselves and see that the trip It starts from the beginning of planning, they know the destination well, they plan everything step by step, they get to know the locals through social media, they learn the language and some customs… they see it as part of the journey and its fun.

Planning a tourist trip

7. You can know and appreciate subconsciously everything about luggage.
Some can remember whenever what is in the bag and where exactly and know how to choose the vital items needed for each trip . Others need to re-check many times before leaving the house. The real traveler remembers everything no voluntarily, either his memory got used to it and it became a habit, or it was a quick wit related to travel matters.

8. Do not care at all about the disruptions or length of flights.
Turbulence or delays do not concern you at all, as you enjoy all the places and see in the passengers in the waiting room new friends who fill the pages of your book. As for the length of flights, you will easily learn how to work during the flight,  taking into account its duration and the time difference on Not usually new travelers.

For example: the flight from Riyadh (Saudi Arabia) to Los Angeles (USA) takes 20 hours, departure at midnight, arrival at 10 am, and the time difference is 10 hours. How will your plan be on the plane?

9. Strangers for you are friends that you have not yet discovered. One
of the differences between a tourist and a travel lover is that the former avoids the general public and the local culture and is only interested in that he came to see certain places, while the traveler immerses himself in getting to know the locals , and does not hesitate to get to know other travelers from Wherever they are, talking to them will gain more experiences.

Travel and get to know the locals

10. You never feel that you have had enough travels
. Von Goethe knew very well that you would not be satisfied with travels, so he said: “A man does not travel to reach, but to travel.” If you would one day think that you have had enough of Discover this world, then make sure that you did not originally possess these genes that possess in us the “love of travel and roaming”

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