If you’re not planning to fly business or first class for your next trip, here’s why you’ll skip the window seat.

If you’re not planning to fly business or first class for your next trip, here’s why you’ll skip the window seat. to drop off your luggage (praying that the weight is below the authorized limit), then queuing again to pass security (mentally insulting the person in front of you who puts 3 hours taking off your shoes), then re-queuing to board… There is the crucial choice of seat on the plane to travel at best. If you’re a little used to flying, you set an alarm on your phone to choose your seat between 24 to 30 hours before takeoff. It remains to know which seat to choose. There are of course the places at the level of the emergency exits, but it is increasingly rare to be able to choose them without paying a supplement. But what is certain is that the place next to the window should be avoided , and here is why.

Why avoid the porthole?

It must be admitted that we tend to have a preference for the porthole when we travel. We take advantage of a beautiful landscape , and to sleep, it is a little more pleasant. However, this is not the best choice to make. It ‘s Travel Hacker , who is called @laxtoluxury on TikTok (who shares his advice on traveling more comfortably), who reveals why we are going to do without it from now on, and it’s for the good of our skin. Indeed, UV rays are strongest in the air , and damage your skin more when you admire the sky from your seat.

This information was confirmed by Dr Sweta Rai of the British Association of Dermatologists who told Sun Online Travel : ”  The window next to you on an airplane may be small, but you are closer to the skin layer. ozone during a flight of several tens of thousands of feet. Rays are much more damaging at this level.  The Cancer Council says that although there is not enough evidence and studies on this subject, it is nevertheless noticed that pilots have more melanomas than other members of the crew.

What if you absolutely want the porthole?

You still don’t want to do without your seat on the window side ? No problem, but you have to take a few precautions. Dr. Rai and other of his colleagues give us a very valuable piece of advice to follow whoever you take this place: “  We should all wear sunscreen when we fly. If you use a daily moisturizer with an SPF of 30 or higher, you don’t have to worry .” Dermatologists also remind us that it is important to wear an SPF cream every day. Yes yes, even when the sky is gray. UV rays attack even when you can’t see them . So to avoid problems like melanoma, spots or premature aging,we include this essential in our beauty routine.

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