Travel: those things that we tend to forget to put in the suitcase but that we really need

Travel: those things that we tend to forget to put in the suitcase but that we really need

Is there a more satisfying feeling than packing your suitcase? We agree, it doesn’t exist, except for finally being on the plane.

Your holidays are arranged, the tickets reserved and the hotel of your dreams booked. All you have to do is start preparing your suitcase to enjoy a well-deserved break from everyday life . As exciting as the time of preparations is, it is also a source of great stress for many of us. We are always afraid of taking too much, or on the contrary forgetting certain things. On the outfit side we are ready to go, there are a few essentials that we may have forgotten to put on our little list. So to make sure you don’t miss anything during your vacation, here are the must-haves to absolutely put in your suitcase!

What do we remember to put in our suitcase?

If we can relieve you of this chore of thinking about what should not be forgotten, we are delighted. We are not going to tell you to think about taking underwear, or 5 t-shirts and 3 jeans. On the other hand, what we can tell you is not to forget an external battery, or a luggage organizer. Let us give you a little list of what we tend to remember once our buttocks are on the plane.

When it comes to hygiene , one thing you don’t always think about is travel detergent . Indeed, we say to ourselves that we will not need it, except that a stain has quickly arrived, and it is often panic if we do not have a laundry service or a washing machine. , available. It is also thought to take with you a bag for dirty laundry . This allows you to sort things out, and above all, it’s easier to pack your suitcase when you leave. Do not forget to take sanitary protection with you , even if you think you will not have your period during your stay. Believe us, we speak from experience. We are very happy to be equipped when mother nature makes an unexpected appearance.

We don’t always think of getting a first aid kit before going on vacation, and that’s a big mistake. Regardless of our destination, it is important to have something to relieve ailments or heal a minor injury as quickly as possible. So, we think of the basic kit, bandages, tick tweezers, disinfectant, and compresses. As for medications, ask your doctor for a short list. It’s always good to have something to treat a migraine, heartburn, and other minor illnesses.

For optimal comfort during your stay, there are a few essentials to remember. Your accommodation may be in a very noisy area, and you’ll be glad you remembered to take your earplugs . We also think of compression stockings for the plane if you are prone to water retention or even something to make yourself a small express pillow.

If we go through the beauty box, remember not to forget 3 elements: your lip balm, your sunscreen, and a moisturizer . With these three products, you can face anything you want. In reality, they are very important to nourish your skin well , and protect it from all the environmental factors that can weaken it during a trip.

Finally, we tackle the essential accessories to put in your suitcase. We obviously do not forget our sunglasses, but we also think of our chargers, and especially to take an external battery. We neglect this little gadget, however, it turns out to be very useful, when at the end of the day, your phone is about to let go of you when you have not yet returned. This is all the more important when you leave from a place that you do not know, and need a GPS to locate you. Remember to always have some cash on you, and two different pockets to store your money and papers. So, in case of loss or theft, you always have a backup.

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