Thailand a tourist destination

Thailand a tourist destination

Thailand is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in the world, attracting tens of millions of tourists and travelers from all over the world every year. There is a lot that distinguishes Thailand as a leading and prominent tourist destination, but what matters most to the Arab tourist is the absence of the need for long and complicated procedures to obtain an entry visa, the speed of its issuance (within 24 hours for most nationalities), and the availability of facilities, destinations and activities that meet the requirements and tastes of all segments of tourists and travelers Without exception, including families, grooms, groups and young people looking for adventure. Among them, we mention tourism, entertainment and sports of all kinds, shopping and recreation on the beaches, distinguished by its white sands and warm azure waters, and relaxation in the lap of nature, not to mention medical tourism, because Thailand is characterized by the best medical facilities in the year and offers its services at low prices compared to the rest of the world, as it attracts people From Australia, America and Europe for medical treatment and convalescence.

I will devote the lion’s share of this blog to tourism in Thailand, as I have been staying there for more than a year, and every period I discover new destinations and facilities.

The first information that concerns a tourist who intends to come to Thailand is the weather, as Thailand falls on the Tropic of Capricorn, and the weather in it is rainy (monsoon) or hot (dry season). The dry season usually extends between November and May, but last year it extended until June, and I do not recommend traveling to Thailand during the late period of the dry season (March to May), as the temperature is very high, and rain or clouds are rare. Also, the humidity can be stifling.

On the other hand, the monsoon season is more suitable for traveling to Thailand, as it does not rain daily, and when it rains, it occurs in the form of torrential rain streams that extend over a period of half an hour to two hours, and then stop completely. It rarely rains twice a day. The rain contributes to reducing the temperature of the weather, as the heat is pleasant during the monsoon, and the weather is suitable for various activities, including the beach.

The period between November and February is the most suitable for visiting Thailand, and Southeast Asia in general, as the weather is pleasant and tends to be lightly cold and rains do not occur much.

The Thai people are generally kind, and they love visitors from different backgrounds and smile at them. However, the majority of the people are of moderate to low economic status, so in light of the influx of tourists and the sums they carry to spend, some Thais may try to earn more money from tourists. This is generally in major cities and prominent tourist destinations, such as Phuket, Bangkok and Chang Mai. For example, many taxi drivers try not to turn on the meter, or sometimes hide it or turn it off and claim that it is not working, and they require a certain amount. But in general, these extra amounts they ask do not exceed the real cost by more than 2-4 USD. Taxi drivers are sometimes excused, as the crowds are stifling in Bangkok most of the time, and the return trip can take hours from them. However, if the tourist insists on operating the meter, most drivers use it.

Another trick is that when renting a car or a Jet Ski, the landlord claims that the renter has caused severe damages and demands amounts that may sometimes be high as compensation. It is always recommended to rent cars or any other machinery and tools from well-known companies.

Other than that, people are generally nice and honest. I noticed, for example, that the prices are very similar, that the sellers on the way do not raise the prices on the tourist, and they do not bargain much because the price is often fixed for Thais and foreigners. Thai people also love to help tourists, but the main problem is that most Thais do not speak any other languages, so it can be difficult to communicate with them.

Thailand is often very safe, and there are no accidents or problems for tourists, but it is worth paying attention to collectibles in its large cities, as in any large city around the world. The tourist does not feel any danger from walking in its roads and streets at any time, even in the early hours of the morning. But there are neighborhoods and slums in Bangkok, and it is better not to penetrate them, especially at night, especially since they do not represent tourist destinations.

The currency in Thailand is the baht, and each American country is equivalent to 35 baht. We do not recommend exchanging currency on the main streets, as the exchange commission is often high, especially for unpopular currencies.

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