The wonderful city of Gaziantep

The wonderful city of Gaziantep

Gaziantep and its most famous tourist places

It is one of the most important cultural, tourist and  industrial cities in the southeastern region of Turkey because it is an ancient Turkish city with an important civilized and cultural character. It contains  many ancient Ottoman buildings that attract tourists, and it also contains many wonderful architectural museums, which include the famous Gaziantep Museum,

Although it includes all these architectural masterpieces, the destination of tourists is somewhat different, so tourists are intended to taste the wonderful food that this city offers. The city of Gaziantep includes nearly 200 sweet shops. Gaziantep is famous for producing the best baklava in the country. You can buy the best baklava in that city, and among the most famous tourist places in the city we will find the following,

Zeugma Mosaic Museum

 The Zeugma Museum in Gaziantep comes at the top of the list of places that you must visit in Turkey. The Zeugma Museum is one of the most famous architectural masterpieces built on the land of Gaziantep, which was opened in 2012 when it was discovered during the excavation process in an archaeological site. With the opening of this wonderful museum, it became This museum is one of the most important and famous museums in the world. This wonderful work of art is considered one of the artifacts and crafts that the Romans built, it is a really wonderful place,

Gaziantep Castle

Kale Castle is the fortress of the Seljuk period, which was built in the 12th and 13th centuries. This castle occupies the site of the former Byzantine castle, which was built under the command of Emperor Justinian in the sixth century. It is known to have been built at an early age, around 3500 BC

Archaeological Museum of Gaziantep

Antep Archeology Museum displays many antiquities in the city, and despite being a small museum, history witnesses and appreciates it.

Gaziantep City Museum

This huge museum is located in the Beyazhan building, where it contains many pictures and many media that tell the story of the ancient city of  Iziantep, in a fun and interesting way . The museum’s own selling some of the town’s local crafts. The museum may sometimes be considered a cultural center for visiting musicians and artists.    

Yasmak Open Air Museum

The museum includes a number of historical statues belonging to most of the civilizations that landed and settled in the city of Gaziantep, where the museum was built over a historical city that was discovered by archaeologist “Felix von Loschan” in 1890, and the exploratory excavation continued until 1989, when the Ministry of Tourism decided The Turkish Ministry of Tourism was satisfied with this amount of excavation and the establishment of an open museum that includes the city that was discovered, and included a number of historical structures in the city. The  Turkish Tourism Ministry decorated the museum with a number of natural trees that added more splendor that combined history and nature, it is a wonderful space par excellence, and the one who goes to him knows this,

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It is really the wonderful Turkish city of Gaziantep, which is worth a visit,

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