Tourism in Pretoria

Tourism in Pretoria

 Pretoria is considered one of the most important beautiful tourist cities in South Africa, as it is about 70 kilometers from Johannesug in the north direction, as it is a prestigious city with many embassies, important tourist places, places of entertainment, museums and wonderful parks, and it also contains the largest park in the world. The city, which is Ritfly National Park, Pretoria has become during the period a popular tourist destination. grandfather,

Church Square District

The founder of the city of Pretoria decided to allocate a large square to be used as a commercial market or a church square, which was named after the forgotten buildings that were established between 1856 to 1905 AD, and it serves as the historical center of Pretoria. There are four other statues of Boermghollen soldiers, and marches are held in the square every Wednesday from nine thirty to ten thirty.

Union Buildings and Pretoria Museum of Art

The Union Buildings in Pretoria were built between 1910 and 1913, and were designed by Sir Herbert Baker. The buildings house the offices of the President of South Africa and are the official seat of the South African government. The Union Buildings are built of light-coloured sandstone that is beautiful in its antiseptic. It has a pavilion on both sides, each of which has been assigned a design representing English and Afrikaans and the cultures of the unit, the buildings of the unit are surrounded by beautiful terraced gardens with a variety of native plants, these gardens are open to the public where the visitor can explore the many amazing views of Pretoria

Sunturion Art Gallery

This gallery forms part of the Pretoria Museum of Art and displays a variety of fine art forms, which reflect the cultural and tourism diversity of South Africa. Symbolically, the Sunturion Art Gallery rents space for workshops, as well as for the annual Christmas arts and crafts market that takes place annually from November to December.

The Kroger House built with milk

The building is considered one of the old historical buildings that carry a long history in the country, as it was established by a decision of the leader of Pure Paul Kreuger during the year 1884 AD, and some residents of the city mention that the house was built and constructed by mixing cement with milk and not water, as the cement that was Available at that time poorly made, and fortified with milk,

Indeed, if you visit   the city, you will not regret it, because it is the city of tourism, the city of pleasure by nature, the city of pleasure with history and civilization. We hope that you, dear visitor, liked our article,

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