Australia Country and Continent

Australia Country and Continent

The mention of the word travel on the mouth often refers us to a recreational activity, in which enjoyment takes place and the change of the daily or weekly routine, which generates us pressures and psychological tensions, but this matter is often related to certain places that open the chest,   the eyes long for them, and the heart yearns for them. As an example, travel to Australia, the continent and the country, which has great importance   in the tourism and natural aspect, given the equipment qualifications, and has advanced countries to which it belongs, such as New Zealand, which is well known for its prosperity and strength at all levels, and after this submission to this country, I inform you lovers of Travel to Australia with some of the tourist cities in this country with a look at its most important hotels:


This is one of the most beautiful cities in Australia, and no one comes to Australia but visits it because it is already a big city that hosts the largest tourist complex in Sydney, and this is what made it win the first place as the best tourist city in the world, respectively. One of the most important places where   we find:   Hyde Park. Bondi Beach, Sydney Harbor Bridge.

It is considered one of the best hotels in Sydney. It is located in the downtown business district, and all conditions are suitable in terms of shopping and going out to enjoy tourism and other things.

This beautiful hotel is located near the Sydney Harbor Bridge, which is some three kilometers from the hotel.

Meriton Suites Mascot:

I have no doubt that a large number of people who have visited Australia, especially Sydney, know this hotel because it has received great reviews from various countries of the world, and it is close to one kilometer from the international   and domestic airport in Sydney, and it also has a large number of luxury shops and restaurants, Which   is full of everything it has, and the latter is far from the hotel.


It is the Australian capital, located between Sydney and Melbourne, in which it can be said that it comes in second place in the field of tourism in Australia, as it constitutes a wide space in all the various and different tourism, what is the most beautiful of the city actually traveling to it and spending money to go to it. He deserves it.

     Perhaps talking about the state of Australia is a very long talk, but we confined ourselves to these two cities for you, as they are the most beautiful and finest, but other cities remain more beautiful with their dependents, nature, tourist attractions, and beautiful beaches, and we will continue our journey in talking, God willing, about this tourist country in the following other articles.

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