Knysna, South Africa

Knysna, South Africa

The town of Knysna is located in the state of South Africa and is considered the most wonderful and most beautiful, and we also do not forget that there are other very beautiful cities, such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban. With its cleanliness, air and charming atmosphere, South Africa is considered one of the most prominent safe countries, but it is a state of tight organization, and this wonderful organization of the 2010 World Cup was demonstrated. Westerners were astonished by its organization, work, and wonderful stadiums, and thus was the first African country to organize this international football wedding, and this town has a group of Tourist places we summarize for you as follows.

Pollard Beach

 Our synagogue has wonderful beaches par excellence, which provides a safe swimming at Pollard Beach on the island of entertainment, which gives the place an interest to visit, how not, and it is among the most important wonderful beaches par excellence, behind the sands of the beach there is the forest, and on the beach there are public facilities, including toilets, cafes, restaurants and shops You can also enjoy boating at a cheap price, and this is what made the place valuable to its fans,

Knysna Forest

The town of Knysna is surrounded by a group of wonderful forests, which makes you, dear visitor, to spend your day in the arms of the forests, to take adventures with you and your friends, ride bicycles, or walk between the two banks of the forests. From the forest, a station of interest for bicycle enthusiasts,

oyster market stall

 Knysna is famous for the quality of its restaurants, especially for seafood. Maharifi grows at the mouth of the river, which made Knysna a station of interest and lovers of this type of delicious and fresh dishes. Therefore, we invite you, dear visitor, to go to our synagogue in order to feast on these dishes,

Lake Hedland

To enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake, the tour begins with your 25-minute boat trip across the lake, which made you take your fishing means to catch fish that may be of the most beautiful species, and which are often expensive in the markets, which makes you prepare yourself a delicious floor with delicious fresh fish, and enjoy your day there and take A tour in the forest to take pictures there to remember your trip there and show it to your friends if they don’t come with you,

 You can visit the place to see it, and to enjoy these beautiful and wonderful viewpoints, because this town and city is worth visiting, and all the cities of South Africa 

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