The Turkish city of Yalova

The Turkish city of Yalova

The Turkish city of Yalova

The city of Yalova or Yalova, located in the foothills of the Sammanli Mountains, is a wonderful city par excellence, located in the northwestern part of the  The Republic of Turkey, along the eastern shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, about 175 km from Istanbul, equivalent to about two hours by car, or 60 minutes by fast ferry. The ages have passed starting from the Hittites, to the Phrygians, then the Romans, then the Byzantines and finally to the Ottoman era, and the population of the city of Yalova, according to the latest statistics, is about 204,000 people distributed over its total area of ​​about 492 km²..

Some information about the Turkish city of Yalova

History of Yalova       

The history of human settlement in the city of Yalova dates back to about five thousand  years and more than that from now; That is, to the third millennium BC, where it was occupied by the Hittites in 200 BC, followed by the Franks, then the Kimler, then the Bithytes, then the Roman period, then the Byzantine, then the Ottoman in 1303, and it was associated with the city of Istanbul in 1930 AD at the behest of the founder of the Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, which made it a city The many different tourist attractions and monuments, and making it a point of attraction for visitors, as visitors flock to it from different parts of the world,

Residents of Yalova City

The nationalities of the city’s residents vary due to the multiplicity of migrations to it after 1893 AD. The residents of the Balkans, including Crimea, Bulgaria, Dagestan, Yugoslavia, Romania, Greece, and Circassians, immigrated to it, and all these groups coexisted despite the multiplicity of their cultures to be an example to follow and this made the city a pioneer par excellence. different, the meeting point of different cultures,

The weather in Yalova

The city’s atmosphere ranges between Mediterranean and tropical, its summer is hot and humid, and its winter is cold and rainy, and the amount of rain increases in the period between October and January, and then gradually decreases after that, this is what made the city polarize visitors in all different seasons, in terms of weather The cold and snowy, as well as the lovers of historical monuments, which are often focused on by history owners and those who are inspired,

Sights of Yalova Tourist City

Çınarcık Province:

 It is considered one of the most popular and popular tourist places in the Marmara Sea region. It is characterized by its clean water, its rural areas, its archaeological and historical sites. It is also located on the Delma Plateau, and Lake Debsjo.

mineral baths

The baths of the city of Yalova are distinguished throughout the world as a center for the recovery of diseases, and the most famous of them are: the baths of Termal Province; Such as: Hammam al-Rasas, Hammam al-Marsusa, Hammam Mumta, Hammamet Armutlu, that is why you find the place crowded, especially during the holiday,

Sudchan Waterfall

 Sudchan Waterfall extends on both sides of the road, which represents for the visitor a picturesque natural place for walking and hiking, and is located about eight kilometers from the village of Orizinar.

I advise you, dear visitor, to visit the place if you want to visit Turkey or intend to go there in the coming days.

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