Tourism around the Red Sea

Tourism around the Red Sea

Tourism in the Red Sea Governorate

This governorate is located in the eastern desert of Egypt, on the shore of the Red Sea, with a coast stretching 1,080 km, a long stretch from the east.

Coral reefs

Along the coast of the Red Sea, under the seabed, you find colorful coral reefs that include all marine animals, and therefore this area attracts diving enthusiasts to watch the wondrous world . Dear tourist, you are on a legendary journey in the middle of an earthly paradise

The ruins of Umm El Fawakhir in Wadi Hammamet

It is an area that includes some pharaonic inscriptions; Where the pharaohs discovered the area and extracted gold from it, and the mines still exist so far. This area has some various minerals

Romania relics

There are several ruins of ancient Roman cities and ports in the areas of Wadi Kherbit and Jabal Al-Dukhan

Christian Antiquities

There are some monasteries there; Where the area was a refuge for monks to escape from Roman persecution, they are:

‎  The Monastery of Alanya Antonius

It was established in the year 356 AD, immediately after the death of Anba; At Mount El-Kalalah, in one of its caves, there are the churches of the New and the Apostles, the Ania Antonius and the Anya Morcos. The churches are decorated with rare drawings and icons; There is also a library with more than 1,800 handwritten manuscripts. As for the cave of Anba Antoniers, in which he lives as a monk, it is a kilometer away from the monastery. It rises 680 meters above the surface of the Red Sea; There is also a fortress, a guest house, a waterwheel, a spring for water, silos, a mill, a water tank and an electric machine

Monastery of Anba Pola

It is located west of one of the Kalala Mountains and resembles the monastery of Anba Anthony, and it is one of the oldest monasteries in Egypt, and despite its location in the depths of the Red Sea, rituals that have not changed over sixteen centuries are still performed there.

Islamic antiquities

The area was a center of attraction for the migration of Arab tribes that settled in it, such as the Bashariya, the Ababda and the Maaza. Among  the most important religious monuments are:

Mausoleum of Sidi Abu al-Hasan al-Shazly

It is located in Wadi Humaythra in the Aizhab desert, a few distances from the city of Marsa Alam. There is an Ottoman castle in the city of Quseir, as well as an old Ottoman quarry. ?


It is located north of Hurghada. It includes many types of aquatic life that the Red Sea is famous for, and there are fish in water basins, most of which are rare and completely different fish, which makes the visitor enjoy them in terms of scenery, and in terms of their pleasure.

Red Sea Islands

There are about 24 islands in front of the coasts of the Red Sea, which have a plant and animal evidence on its surface, and under the waters of its shores..

‎The large and small Giftun Island near the coast of Hurghada, Abu Minqar Island in front of the Sheraton Hotel and Hurghada, and Shadwan Island in front of the Hurghada coast, 35 km away, has a lighthouse to guide cruise and commercial ships, and Al-Zobar Island in front of the Berenice coast.

I advise you, dear visitor, to visit this governorate, and visit its tourist and historical landmarks, because it is really very wonderful.

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