Indonesia is one of the most charming countries that he likes to visit even once. It is an archipelago consisting of a large group of imaginary islands amounting to 13 thousand islands and much more under the jurisdiction of Indonesia, and these islands are considered the pillar of tourism in Indonesia, where a large number of tourists choose to go to Indonesia to enjoy its beaches and tourist islands.

Indonesia offers you the opportunity to enjoy the landscape as you like it to be, by hiking, diving in the wonderful waters, enjoying watching active volcanoes and wildlife and many more. including; 

  • Gili Islands
  • Raja Ampat Islands
  • Maluk Beach
  • Kelimutu Lake
  • Lake Toba
  • Bunaken Marine Park
  • Komodo National Park
  • Mount Bromo
  • Mount Rinjani
  • Ijen
  • Dieng Plateau
  • Torajaland
  • Borobudur Temple
  • Ubud – Ubud
  • Tanjung Putting National Park
  • Derawan Islands
  • Belitung
  • Nusa Dua
  • Seminyak – Seminyak
  • Jakarta
  • Lombok
  • North Sulawesi 
  • Nusa Penida
  • Bali – Bali
  • Yogyakarta
  • Bandung
  • Bangka Islands

The best tourist destinations in Indonesia

All over Indonesia is beautiful and distinguished by its customs and traditions, its scenic views and its amazing temples. Tourism in Indonesia is preferred by a large number of tourists to see and enjoy the best tourist destinations in Indonesia, including:

Komodo Zoo

Tourism in Indonesia: The best tourist places in Indonesia

One of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Indonesia is the Komodo National Zoo in Flores, which includes a unique animal that there is no other in the world, the last of the dragons, the “Komodo Dragon”, which the zoo gives you the opportunity to view it from close up.

The park is characterized by several coasts; It includes five main islands of Indonesia in addition to other small islands, and is surrounded by a number of marine areas, so the park must be reached by riding a boat in the water.

In addition to the Komodo dragon, the park is home to many Asian and Australian wildlife, as well as marine animals. And that’s not all; Where you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling and kayaking on the garden islands, or you can explore the small islands on them. 

Bukit Lawang

Tourism in Indonesia: The best tourist places in Indonesia

Bukit Lawang is one of the most prominent tourist areas in Indonesia; It gives you the opportunity to see a wonderful reserve, the Orange Otan, which is also one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Where you can take excursions in the reserve to see orangutans.

Bali beaches

Tourism in Indonesia: The best tourist places in Indonesia

The distinctive Bali, which is one of the most prominent tourist destinations in Indonesia; Where a large number of tourists go to spend the summer holidays, but you should know that tourism in Bali is not limited to its picturesque beaches only, as Bali includes a good number of cultural attractions, and the traditions of the people of Bali are of interest.

But if you are interested in beaches, water and marine leisure activities; Bali gives you the opportunity to enjoy the best beaches in the world and enjoy the warm sunshine and blue waters. As the beaches of Bali are among the most beautiful beaches in Indonesia .

Kuta Beach is the most famous beach in Bali, and you can spend a very fun day at Kuta Beach, starting from eating at the distinctive restaurants in Bali, to water sports including; Swimming and surfing.

Borobudur _

tourism in indonesia

Neither a beach nor a cynical island, but Borobudur is one of Indonesia’s most famous cultural attractions, an ancient temple built in the 8th century, designed in the shape of a traditional Buddhist mandala, one of the world’s greatest Buddhist sites.

At sunset you will get the best view of climbing the torch light to Borobudur, which is located near the ancient city of Yogyakarta which is famous for its historical and cultural performances.

Gili Islands

Tourism in Indonesia: The best tourist places in Indonesia

The Gili Islands are located in Lombok and are a major tourist attraction; Where backpackers and tourists come from around the world, these islands are characterized by their charming beaches that compete with the beaches of Bali. 

Here you will enjoy spending the summer on the sand under the sun, with the opportunity to dive in beautiful waters, or snorkel in the turtle reserve and watch their hatchery in which they lay their eggs.

And if that was not enough; The Gili Islands offer many places to take advantage of yoga and meditation lessons to calm the soul and soul, as well as kayaking, which is one of the most popular activities in Gili.


Tourism in Indonesia: The best tourist places in Indonesia

The cultural center of Bali is Ubud, which is considered one of the best tourist places that you can visit in Indonesia, and enjoy the rice fields around it, and the musical and entertainment performances held daily throughout the city, in addition to shops selling handicrafts, and art galleries.


Tourism in Indonesia: The best tourist places in Indonesia

One of the most interesting places to visit in Indonesia, it is the highlands of South Sulawesi, home to the Torajan people who are famous for their horrific and surprising funeral rites; They keep the body of the deceased person for several years and then wish a funeral service, after which they bury the deceased in a hollow tree or a small cave.

Mount Bromo

Tourism in Indonesia: The best tourist places in Indonesia

One of the most famous tourist areas in Indonesia; Where Mount Bromo in East Java is an active volcano that is part of the massive Tengger massif, the summit has been completely destroyed but the crater is still so far spewing white smoke.

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