Vrindavan City

Vrindavan City

Vrindavan City

If you want to know about the oldest cities in India that contain the oldest Indian temples dating back to 1590, which is the “Govinda Dev Temple”, then it was known about the lost city, which was rediscovered in 1515, and became a center for the worship of Krishna, one of the Hindu religions, on which many of the Hindu religions were woven. One of the ancient legends passed on by generations through time, and the city was distinguished in the past by dense forests that are now limited to some areas of the city, but it gives calm and wonderful views of the city, which has now become a destination for many people looking for stability in this quiet city , as well as lovers of discovery, and it is strange that the animals that used to live in this forest have become inside the city where many monkeys can be seen, which sometimes reach inside the houses.

The city receives annually a lot of Hindus who gather in this place from all over India to visit the temples in this city, in addition to the famous festivals hosted by the city that feature traditional Indian dances and a lot of performances that express ancient mythological stories.

The most famous temples

One of the most famous temples located in this city is Madan MohanWhich was built by Kapoor and is the oldest temple in the city of Vrindavan. The temple is characterized by a kind of wonderful Indian design par excellence, and its wonderful decorations.

  Garud Govind . Temple

It is also one of the ancient temples in this city, which is believed to have been built by the grandson of the god Krishna. The temple is characterized by a kind of interior aesthetic and a kind of wonderful design,

Some other temples

Banke Bihari . Temple which was built in 1862, Radha Vallabh and Jaipur Temple And many of the temples that express the culture of this city extending so far, and which are expressed by the temples full of Indian inscriptions and the many sculptures that teem with the city in its temples, it is one of the most historical cities in India.

This city – Vrindavan – is considered the city of history, the city of religions par excellence, a city loved by India in particular and lovers of acquaintance with religions in general. I advise you to visit this city and learn about its different and strange rituals and rituals.

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