Saudi Arabia includes a unique and different mix of various types of tourist destinations, and natural sites are at the forefront of the most attractive areas for tourists from inside and outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. With its atmosphere, mountains, valleys, plains, parks, and historical and heritage landmarks. At the top of this list are the mountains of Asir, Taif, Umluj, Farasan Islands and Al Ula.


Asir region – Photo courtesy of SPA

God has granted the Asir region, located in the southwest of Saudi Arabia, a breathtaking beauty and a rainy springtime during the summer season, with lofty mountains that reach the sky, the most famous of which are the Sarawat Mountains, and parks of charming nature, such as Al-Sawdah, Al-Fara’, Dilgan, Al-Habla and Al-Jarrah Parks, Al-Sahab Park, Tamniya, Abu Khayal, and Al-Amir Park Sultan bin Abdul Aziz, Hadbat Al-Arous, Al-Namas, Tanuma, Uhud Rafaida, Al-Wadiyeen, Khamis Mushayt, Balhamar, Balsamar, Rijal Almaa, green meadows and orchards, intertwined forests, flat plains, sea coasts and golden deserts.


For lovers of natural sites .. the most beautiful 5 Saudi destinations 2
Umluj Beach – Photo courtesy of SPA

Umluj, which is one of the governorates of the Tabuk region, or as it is called the Saudi Maldives, includes a group of marine destinations that combine sandy hills and coral reefs. A large number of tourists from the region and other regions. There are many mountain peaks in Umluj, such as Umluj Mountain, which is 2580 meters high, and Shad Mountain, which is about 2350 meters high.


For lovers of natural sites .. the most beautiful 5 Saudi destinations 3
A park in Taif – the image from the spirit of Saudi Arabia

In addition to its mild summer climate, Taif is famous for its parks, orchards, farmers, fruit trees and roses, which made it a destination for visitors and vacationers. In addition, Taif is home to a wide range of natural attractions, the most prominent of which are the majestic mountains covered with greenery, and the peaks of Hada and Al Shafa, which reach a height of more than 2627 m. And the Tamiya quarry, which is a large crater with a depth of 300 meters and a diameter of about 180, which is a natural phenomenon that was found by a large celestial body that hit the ground, and led to a total eclipse of the meteorite site.

Fursan Islands

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Farasan Islands – Photo courtesy of SPA

The islands belonging to the Jazan region, southwest of Saudi Arabia, contain mangrove forests, and islands extending over an area of ​​about 600 km, and more than 230 species of fish live on their islands, and rare types of coral grow in them, and pearl fisheries are widespread, and it is one of the best islands Where you practice scuba diving and camping areas. The island is home to herds of deer, human antelope, rare species of turtles, the largest concentration of pink-backed pelicans, and the largest gathering of osprey in the Middle East. The islands also host more than 180 species of plants, herbs, seaweed, eucalyptus forests and mangroves, and due to these features that the reserve enjoys The Farasan Islands are included in the Man and the Biosphere Program of UNESCO.

the cure

For lovers of natural sites .. the most beautiful 5 Saudi destinations 5
Al-Ula – Photo from the website of the Royal Commission for Al-Ula Governorate

Al-Ula is distinguished by its rocky heights, charming views and archaeological landmarks, which qualified it to become the largest open museum in the world. It dates back to the first century BC. Sharaan Nature Reserve is a buried treasure that extends over an area of ​​1,500 km, and Mount Elephant is among the most important places to practice mountain climbing. The Nabataeans as their headquarters and center.

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