How to avoid fraud while booking flights?

How to avoid fraud while booking flights?

Many travelers are exposed to fraud and theft while booking flights online, but there are many steps that have a role in preventing fraud and theft in this way in order to travel in a safe manner, which can be identified through the following points.

be flexible

Traveler has to be flexible while booking airline tickets, so it is necessary to think about the tourist destination, date and time to get the best deal, sometimes the best flight deals will never be obtained, but if the traveler is flexible about the time and tourist destination and it was the only thing that It is concerned with the budget, so you can find some good deals for flights.
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advance planning

It is recommended that you plan in advance for travel at least 12 weeks before the tourist trip, know the prices of trips on different websites and book the ticket 8 weeks before the trip, in order to get the best offers and cheap deals and thus early booking reduces exposure to theft and fraud.
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Use the best flight booking sites

It is not good to rely on the only official website of airlines to get the best offers for the tourist trip, but it also takes a long time to find the cheapest flight, so you can use the best flight search engines that give you the best result according to the needs of the traveler. The best tour booking sites contribute to preventing theft and fraud during the booking process.

Set up a travel-only email address

Using only a travel email address is an easy way to keep all your travel documents and booking information in one place, and it will be less of a hassle if hacked, the traveler may still have to cancel tickets and reservations, thus contributing to preventing exposure or fraud while booking flights Online.

data protection

When using a third party website to book a flight, hotel, flight or even dinner, it is essential to always check how, where and why data is stored, under data protection law, full credit card details cannot be stored for longer than 10 days but this changes in Worldwide and always worth investigating before booking or if you wish to store credit card details regularly with a site.

Make it easy to monitor your credit cards

Many travelers find it impractical and even impossible to regularly log into online banking while abroad, however signing up for SMS alerts is a great way to keep track of card-debited transactions without worrying about finding a secure internet connection.

Bring your own point of contact

It is recommended if you plan to use social media or sensitive email accounts while abroad, it may be useful to bring a hotspot for the traveler, and use applications that do not need an Internet connection to work, and it is also necessary to take into account that Wi-Fi connections are known to Fi is unsafe and vulnerable to cybercriminals.

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