What to do in Singapore

What to do in Singapore

  • If you’ve never been to Singapore, it’s literally a city in a garden. Greenery is everywhere and it blends seamlessly with the modernity of the city.
    Proof of this is with these almost magical trees which light up in the evening and where you can admire a sound and light show. You can climb into the trees to take great selfies and have a breathtaking view of the bay. We love. And it is clearly a must.

If for some, Singapore is often just a stopover on a trip to Oceania or Asia, for others, finer connoisseurs, the city-state is a real nugget full of panoramas and sublime places that ask only to be admired. And what is even better with Singapore is that everyone can be satisfied. Whether you love nature, ultra-modern city landscapes, small picturesque villages or architectural originality, everyone will find what they are looking for.

Singapore: a destination worth exploring

Before going to explore these places, we thought that Singapore would be a kind of Dubai version of Asia, with bars of grandiose buildings and plethora of artificial constructions without soul. We were clearly amazed, because it is ultimately quite the opposite. Not only does Singapore contain a rich history, but it is animated by a variety of cultures through the various neighborhoods with very different faces that can be traveled through the city. Yes: Singapore is a city that is also a state. And which is also an island, finally, several islands including a main one and several smaller ones, some of which can be visited. Singapore ultimately turned out to be an extremely interesting city, rich in places to admire, culture and experiences to enjoy. And there are evengorgeous beaches !

Another important information to remember: we eat extremely well in Singapore. And if we don’t reveal our spots here to taste the best food in the city, it’s because it deserves an entire article and here, we’re mainly going to talk about the beautiful things to see and do. For food, count on us to share our good addresses with you very soon. But even without it: this city is a fridge, or a living food truck . On every street corner, you can eat delicious skewers, the smallest street vendor provides tasty and very qualitative cuisine and it is not necessarily the most expensive tables that are the best.

Good news: spending a stay in Singapore won’t cost you an arm and a leg. Admittedly, return flights with Singapore Airlines are available from €892 including VAT in Economy class, but once there, you can enjoy an excellent meal for the equivalent of 2 euros, in the equivalent of local food courts. As for the hotels, everything depends of course on the standard you choose: a night in a 5-star hotel like the ParkRoyal on Pickering runs (depending on the season and the room) around 300€. For a 3-star hotel, it can be around 70€ (depending on the promotions you can find, the season, etc.)

How long to go to Singapore

For our part, we spent 5 full days in Singapore and to tell you the truth, we were a little frustrated not to be able to visit certain places. So to really enjoy the city, it seems to us that you should ideally spend a whole week there. But the city being so rich, we assure you that if you spend 15 days there, you will clearly not be bored.

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