Plovdiv is an ideal Bulgarian destination for lovers of history and archeology

The second largest city in Bulgaria has the distinction of being the oldest continuously inhabited city in Europe. Filled with ancient ruins and important historical sites, Plovdiv is a worthy addition to your European itinerary. The old blends easily with the modern, making Plovdiv a wonderful city that offers a mix of unique travel experiences for the … Read more

Mykonos, Santorini, Ephesus: we toured the best spots in the Aegean Sea in 4 days and it was great!

Ahh the Greek islands… The whitewashed houses, the turquoise blue sea… Except that to go around the unmissable spots ( Mykonos , Santorini or even Ephesus and Heraklion), you have to get up early. Or at least, you have to have courage and an excellent organizational capacity to juggle between planes, boats, accommodation… Inevitably, the proposal of Celestyal cruises , to go … Read more

Summer holidays in the mountains

Summer is the rush to the sea, the preferred destination for vacationers who don’t mind having trouble finding a place on the beach to lay down their towel. But for those who (really) can’t stand the hubbub and want a little more peace and quiet, nothing better than to prefer the mountain option . It’s less crowded, it’s cheaper … Read more

What to do in Singapore

If you’ve never been to Singapore, it’s literally a city in a garden. Greenery is everywhere and it blends seamlessly with the modernity of the city.Proof of this is with these almost magical trees which light up in the evening and where you can admire a sound and light show. You can climb into the trees to … Read more

How to avoid fraud while booking flights?

Many travelers are exposed to fraud and theft while booking flights online, but there are many steps that have a role in preventing fraud and theft in this way in order to travel in a safe manner, which can be identified through the following points. be flexible Traveler has to be flexible while booking airline … Read more

Munich is an attractive German destination for culture lovers

Munich is the third largest German city and the capital of the Bavarian region of Germany. Like any other part of Europe, Munich also has its share of architectural brilliance, keeping the cultural attractions, culture and infrastructure together with tourists. Below, a tour of the most famous tourist places in Munich. Marienplatz Square Marienplatz Square is full … Read more

the 10 most dangerous hiking trails in the world

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — Adrenaline junkies often ridicule hiking as somehow less dangerous than other mountain experiences like climbing or skiing. But as these challenging paths show, putting one foot in front of the other is not always an easy option. And to make these famous excursions, you’ll need more than just a … Read more

Tips for enjoying short travel holidays

The traveler wants to spend a small holiday enjoyable while traveling, so the steps and tips that help the traveler to spend the small tourist trip can be determined in an ideal way without losing time.Traveling by car on a short tourist vacation Determine the budget Once planning a small tourist vacation, it is necessary … Read more