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The most famous museum in Tokyo

Tokyo is famous for being one of the capitals that is easy to navigatearound without the need for a tourist guide thanks to the elaborate planning of the internal transportation network,which makes visiting the heritage and cultural places in the city a smooth andeasy task. Tokyo has a large number ofcultural attractions such as museums, galleries and … Read more

Beautiful Yoyogi Garden in Japan

beautiful yoyogi garden It is one of the largest parks in Tokyo, Japan, and is located specifically next to Harajuku Station and Meiji Shrine in Shibuya. Beautiful ponds and dense forests The site of this park has an honorable history, as it is located in the place where the first plane in the sky of … Read more

Vrindavan City

Vrindavan City If you want to know about the oldest cities in India that contain the oldest Indian temples dating back to 1590, which is the “Govinda Dev Temple”, then it was known about the lost city, which was rediscovered in 1515, and became a center for the worship of Krishna, one of the Hindu religions, on which … Read more

Australia Country and Continent

The mention of the word travel on the mouth often refers us to a recreational activity, in which enjoyment takes place and the change of the daily or weekly routine, which generates us pressures and psychological tensions, but this matter is often related to certain places that open the chest,   the eyes long for them, and … Read more

Knysna, South Africa

The town of Knysna is located in the state of South Africa and is considered the most wonderful and most beautiful, and we also do not forget that there are other very beautiful cities, such as Cape Town, Johannesburg, Durban. With its cleanliness, air and charming atmosphere, South Africa is considered one of the most … Read more

Seven lakes; endless love

The Seven Lakes in Turkey The beauty of nature is renewed with each season The famous “Seven Lakes” reserve in the Turkish state of Bolu continues to attract visitors throughout the year, thanks to the enchanting beauty that is renewed with the advent of each season, as is the case in the autumn days..With the … Read more

The Turkish city of Yalova

The Turkish city of Yalova The city of Yalova or Yalova, located in the foothills of the Sammanli Mountains, is a wonderful city par excellence, located in the northwestern part of the  The Republic of Turkey, along the eastern shore of the Sea of ​​Marmara, about 175 km from Istanbul, equivalent to about two hours by car, or … Read more

Tourism around the Red Sea

Tourism in the Red Sea Governorate This governorate is located in the eastern desert of Egypt, on the shore of the Red Sea, with a coast stretching 1,080 km, a long stretch from the east. Coral reefs Along the coast of the Red Sea, under the seabed, you find colorful coral reefs that include all marine … Read more